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Eliminate Dengue Program

The DSSG is very excited to be represented on the Douglas Shire Community Reference Group for this very important research program. click here

DSSG 2016/2017 Strategic Plan
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The DSSG is often asked to support and endorse other groups and projects. This new page gives us the opportunity to highlight some of the amazing groups, projects and individuals in our region who are doing great things to help keep our environments healthy and sustainable. 


We are thrilled to launch "DSSG supports" by promoting this wonderful publication by Craig Ward “Eternal Endemism” and GBR Legacy. With every purchase of the book Eternal Endemism will donate $5 to GBR Legacy.

This visually stunning book is a celebration of the unique wildlife found only within Australia’s World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics. Endemic species are featured in full colour double page spreads, with subspecies and other notable animals included as short briefs. It serves as a tribute to the photographers and biologists who work there and a call to arms for conservation.

“This compilation of endemic terrestrial vertebrates of the Wet Tropics is not only an exquisite visual demonstration of the magnificence, diversity and uniqueness of our Wet Tropics wildlife, but it is also an eminently useful and important resource for amateur naturalists, tour guides, the Wet Tropics community, and all who share a passion for the splendour of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. “ - from Scott Buchanan, Executive Director, Wet Tropics Management Authority.

About the Author: Craig Ward has a passion for global biodiversity conservation. In this first of eternal endemism’s multi-region series, Craig explores the Wet Tropics. He has led expeditions and carried out conservation research throughout Northern Australia, the Indo-Pacific and beyond for almost 20 years. Today he lives with his family in Tropical North Queensland and Singapore and embodies the eternal endemism© motto of “putting nature first."

Purchase online (with free au postage) at and note “GBR Legacy" in the comments section and we will donate $5 to GBR Legacy per copy sold.

GBR Legacy


Management and preservation of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area is failing. Rising sea temperatures, coral bleaching, poor water quality, coastal development, crown of thorns starfish and severe storm events have contributed to coral loss of more than 50% since 1985. The health and resilience of the remaining reef has also been severely impacted.
We believe that in order to drive change we must empower the public with reliable, up-to-date information. Scientists need a platform for both undertaking research and sharing their findings, students need to become the future of the Reef, and the media needs a trusted source of information, images, and content.

Through private, public and corporate funding GBR Legacy aims to provide unprecedented access for scientists, students, and media with an independent state-of-the-art research vessel. We will be the long-range floating laboratory, the interactive classroom and the multimedia powerhouse of the Great Barrier Reef.

We know the problems surrounding the reef and we know the solutions, this is an opportunity not to miss. Help us help the reef. Together, we will develop a long-term sustainability management for the GBR, through on going research, citizen science programs, education and multi media outlets. There are no Barrier too Great to save our Reefs.